Why study Philosophy at Washburn?

Philosophy is a degree that will prepare you for the rapidly changing, increasingly complex world. Graduates have become lawyers, professors, entrepreneurs, journalists, researcher scientists, and public servants. Our program is designed to give you the flexibility you need to build the academic foundation right for your goals. In this program, you’ll become a stronger communicator who can think clearly and apply techniques of critical and constructive thinking to any situation.
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What is Philosophy?

Philosophy teaches and promotes skills of critical thinking, of clear communication in reading, writing, and speaking, and of rational argumentation. It encourages and rewards an inquisitive and analytic habit of mind, creative capacities to integrate the results of that careful thinking, and the ability to see non-obvious solutions to complex and difficult problems. Philosophy majors are among the top performers on GREs, LSATs, and GMATs.

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What sets Philosophy at Washburn apart?

  • Your courses will be taught by experienced faculty, not graduate students.
  • Scholarships are available for incoming and returning students.
  • As a philosophy major you can easily double major or participate in the Law Early Admission Program at Washburn to design the educational path that meets your aspirations.
  • Complete original research with a faculty mentor, and present your research at international, national, or regional conferences. The capstone is required of all majors.

The Philosophy major consists of 33 hours of Philosophy distributed as follows:

  • Required: PH 201, 220, 301, 303, 398, 399 (18 hours)
  • At least two of the following: (Value Theory): PH 200*, 211, 214, 300*, 311, 312, 313, 315, 340, 386* (6 hours)
  • At least two of the following: (Metaphysics and Epistemology): PH 200*, 203, 205, 207, 300*, 302, 320, 325, 327, 330, 335, 386* (6 hours)
  • Three hours of elective credit also is required as part of the 33-hour requirement. A 100-level course may count toward this elective credit, but only with the permission of the Chair. At least 15 hours of the 33 (in addition to PH 398/99) must be at the 300 level.

*If course material is appropriate (Chair's discretion)

Philosophy majors desiring to earn departmental honors must successfully complete the college requirements for departmental honors.

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