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Decisions to apply for admission to any Allied Health Program should be made after careful consideration of each program's Essential Abilities. It is the responsibility of the program applicant to carefully review the essential functions and ask questions if not familiar with the standards and skills listed.

If a student cannot demonstrate each program’s specified standards and skills without accommodation, it is the responsibility of the student to request an appropriate accommodation with Student Accessibility Services, 785.670.1622, upon conditional acceptance.

  • Non-academic requirements relating to physical, cognitive, behavioral and performance issues that are focused on the skills and activities required to achieve the educational outcomes of the program.
  • Anchored in the curriculum, supported in practice, and are directly related to licensure, certification and accreditation requirements.
  • Utilize objective performance criteria that can be applied to all applicants or participants in the program
Candidates eligible for the Allied Health Programs at Washburn University must be able to meet the essential functions of the specific Allied Health Program. Note that the essential functions vary among the Allied Health programs, be sure to review each program’s specific requirements. These standards enumerate the skills necessary for successful completion of the program and subsequent employment in the allied health field.
  • Allows the students to make informed decisions about their ability to fulfill the demands of the program and ultimately a career in the designated allied health field.
  • Allows faculty to assess applicants to the program and assists in academic advising of students.
  • Assists in accommodating students with documented disabilities.
  • Helps faculty assess applicants and students within the program.
  • Preserves academic freedom and program integrity without impinging student civil rights.
  • Requires documentation of a disability.
  • Requires reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.
  • Requires an interactive process to determine if reasonable accommodations would allow a student to meet the essential functions of a program.
  • Does not require substantial alteration of the curriculum nor a lowering of standards.
  • Students must be “qualified” for the program; they must meet the ESSENTIAL eligibility requirements with or without reasonable accommodations.


Allied Health
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