Why study Chemistry at Washburn?

At Washburn, Chemistry majors become scientists. Whether you want to work as a chemist, materials scientist, brewer, or go on to medical school, our degree offerings, research experiences, and internship opportunities will set you up for a successful career. Every chemistry graduate at Washburn completes at least one semester of faculty-mentored research, so you leave Washburn ready for graduate school or your career.
Career Forecast Growing OutlookAverage Salary $54,000+ as laboratory technologist $80,000+ as materials science chemist on campus
A chemistry professor points out something on an instrument during a lab.

What sets Chemistry at Washburn apart?

  • You’ll learn from professors, not graduate students.
  • Chemistry Club is a great way to meet others with common interests!
  • You’ll complete original research with faculty mentors, and present your research at a conference. 
  • Scholarships are available for first-time students, transfer students, and continuing students in this program.
  • Receive free tutoring or get paid by the department to work as a tutor.

A student takes notes while performing an experiment in a vented lab area.

On campus research opportunities

Chemistry majors work with faculty mentors on at least one semester of original research. This means you’ll develop strong skills as a laboratory scientist, researcher, and scientific communicator. Grant funding opportunities mean you’ll also gain vital experience in the grant funding process. Research projects can occur in any of the five areas of chemistry: Analytical, Biochemistry (for biochemistry majors), Inorganic, Organic, and Physical. You’ll be paired with a faculty mentor with expertise in your area of interest.

A minimum of 20 hours in chemistry including:

  • CH 151 Fundamentals of Chemistry I (5)
  • CH 152 Fundamentals of Chemistry II (5)
  • CH 340 Organic Chemistry I (3)
  • CH 341 Organic Chemistry II (3)
  • 300 level or higher Chemistry Course (4)

25% of the total minor hours must be taken in residence at Washburn University. Credit in CH 390 (Chemical Research) does not apply toward the 20 hour minimum requirement.

Other Chemistry options

Set for success

CAREER FORECAST: growing outlook

Graduate with experience


of students conduct research or an internship prior to graduation.

Student/faculty ratio


Qualities for success



Detail oriented

Communication and collaboration 

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