Faculty Handbook Committee Charge

The Faculty Handbook Committee shall be a standing advisory committee with the purpose of 1) reviewing the Faculty Handbook in a logical and timely fashion, 2) considering suggestions made for modifications to the handbook 3) evaluating new policy recommendations prior to implementation, 4) creating new policies/procedures in response to developments in the legal environment, 5) reviewing policies for possible elimination of practices/rules/guidelines if inconsistent with the current higher education environment, and 6) recommending any of the revisions, modifications or amendments to the handbook through the shared governance process to the President.

Committee Members

  • Laura Stephenson, Interim Provost - Academic Affairs
  • Jennifer Ball, Associate Provost - Academic Affairs (Ex-officio)
  • Marc Fried, University Counsel (Ex-officio)
  • Alan Bearman, Vice President Strategic Enrollment Management/Dean of Student Success and Libraries
  • David Sollars, Dean - School of Business
  • Zach Frank, Dean - School of Applied Studies
  • Kelly Erby, Interim Dean - College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jane Carpenter, Dean - School of Nursing
  • Jeff Jackson, Dean - School of Law
  • Cynthia Holthaus, Chief of Staff - President's Office
  • Melanie Worsley, Associate Dean - School of Applied Studies
  • Sarah Cook, Faculty - College of Arts and Sciences
  • Paul Byrne, Faculty - School of Business
  • Debbie Isaacson, Associate Dean - Undergraduate Nursing Programs
  • Patricia Judd - School of Law
  • Faculty Senate Representative
  • Faculty Senate Representative
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