Promotion and Tenure Standards Committee Charge

The purpose of the Committee is to examine the criteria for promotion and tenure in each school and college and to ascertain that the criteria are applied in a uniform and consistent manner for each of the four schools and the college. The UPTS Committee, on behalf of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, will receive the recommendations of the department committee (where appropriate), department chairperson (where appropriate), school committee, and dean's recommendation, as well as all faculty petitions for promotion and tenure. The purpose of the committee is not to concern itself with the matter of whether promotion is to be granted or whether tenure is to be awarded; rather it concerns itself with the consistent and uniform application of promotion and tenure criteria within each of the major academic units.

Committee Members 

  • Danny Wade, Assistant Provost - Academic Affairs
  • Rebecca Meador, Faculty - College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sam Leung, Faculty - College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kim Harrison, Faculty - School of Applied Studies
  • Sungkyu Kwak, Faculty - School of Business
  • Marian Jamison, Faculty - School of Nursing
  • Amy Westbrook, Faculty - School of Law
  • Faculty Senate Representative
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