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Washburn University offers several options for the payment of student account balances. Accepted payment methods include cash, checks (made payable to Washburn University or electronic through WU-View), debit cards, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express payments through WU-View only).

Please note that daily transaction limits on your bank account may restrict the amount that can be paid when using a debit card, regardless of whether you are paying at the cashier window or online.

In order to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, no debit or credit card payments will be taken over the phone.

Holds may not be immediately cleared after payments made via check or webcheck are received.  So we can ensure the payment clears your bank, please allow a minimum of 7 days for the hold to be released.  A $30.00 fee will be charged to the student account for each check (paper or electronic) returned for any reason.

Log in to WU-View to pay by signature debit card, electronic check (webcheck), or by credit card. There you can also set up a payment plan for the current term. 

The most convenient way to pay online is with a debit card.  There is no waiting for account validation, no service fee is charged by the processor, and a Business Office hold can be lifted right away if the balance is paid in full. For debit card transactions, please note that daily transaction limits on your bank account may restrict the amount that can be paid. Contact your bank to increase your daily limit if you feel the transaction will exceed your  limit. Debit cards can only be used for online payments if a Visa or Mastercard logo is on the front of the card.

Electronic checks (webchecks) can also be used without a service fee, but holds will not be lifted for 7 to 10 days to allow time for the payment to clear the bank.  Beginning in March 2021, banks require ACH validation of any newly entered checking account before it can be used for payment. This delays the ability to make an initial webcheck payment by approximately a week. Keep this in mind when planning to use checking accounts for scheduled or manual payments and set up the account early enough for the validation to process. This change will not affect checking accounts set up as a saved payment method prior to March 2021 or those accounts that have already been validated.  

Online credit card payments run through a separate payment processor, PayPath.  Keep in mind that all credit card payments will incur a 2.85% convenience fee (minimum $3.00) charged by the processor.  View the credit card policy for more information regarding online payments.

Payments may be made at one of the cashier windows in Morgan Hall room 103. Accepted payment methods include cash, checks (made payable to Washburn University), money orders, or PIN-based debit cards.  Keep in mind the University is required to report to the IRS the receipt of cash in excess of $10,000 in a single transaction or in or two or more related transactions.  In these cases, additional identification may be required from the student.

Please note that daily transaction limits on your bank account may restrict the amount that can be paid when using a debit card.

A secure drop box is available for cash or check payments made outside of business hours.

Credit card payments must be made online through WU-View.

Payments can be mailed to the Business Office (1700 SW College Ave., Topeka KS 66621).

Please be sure to include the student’s name and Washburn Identification Number (WIN).

Please make checks payable to Washburn University.

Regardless of the postmark, payments received when the institution is closed for winter break will not be processed until the the institution reopens in January and will not be included in Box 1 of the 1098-T form for the previous calendar year.

Wire transfers from U.S. banks only may be sent directly to Washburn.  For instructions, please contact the Business Office at business-office@washburn.eduOnce payment is made, you must alert us to the incoming payment so that the correct student account will be credited.


Washburn has partnered with Flywire to offer a safe and streamlined way to make international payments.  Flywire's mission is to save international students and their families money that would otherwise be lost on bank fees and unfavorable foreign exchange rates.  With Flywire, you can pay from any country, choosing from a variety of local payment methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and other online options (PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay).

You are also offered excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save a significant amount of money as compared to traditional banks.  In addition, the posting of the payment to your Washburn account will be faster, you will be able to track where your payment is in the transfer process, and you will receive email and text alerts each step of the way.  If you need assistance with your payment, Flywire provides around-the-clock multilingual customer service support via phone, chat, and email.

Please be aware that Flywire is the only vendor authorized by Washburn to facilitate international payments.  For safety and security reasons, students should not attempt to make international payments through other companies or third party vendors or via direct wire transfers to the University.

Go to to begin the payment process. A Washburn ID (your WIN number) is required when using Flywire.

Our office also facilitates payments made by the military, employers, third parties and Section 529 Plans  (such as Learning Quest). Please contact our office for assistance with any of these payments.
If you are considering making a payment in the current calendar year towards a term that takes place in a future calendar year, please note that the 1098-T forms reports payments made in a calendar year up to the amount of qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) charged in a calendar year.  For example, if a payment is made in December for classes that do not begin until January, the payment will not be reported unless the tuition for the January classes are charged to the student account during the reporting year.  Most of the time this is not a problem because we assess Spring tuition during the previous December, but if a payment is received and the student has not yet enrolled and has no other charges in the calendar year in which the payment is made, the payment will not be reported.

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