Assisting students with tuition, fees, books or housing

The Washburn University Business Office assists students who expect to have tuition, fees, books or housing charges paid by a third party. A third party payer is typically an organization that submits an authorization to the University requesting an invoice for a student for a specified term. The authorization must include specific information regarding what charges or courses should be billed, and may or may not cover the entire balance on a student's account.

The authorization acts as a payment guarantee within the guidelines submitted and allows the University to apply the authorized amount towards the student's balance, even if funds have not yet been received from the third party payer. If an authorization is revoked by the third party payer, the charges are reapplied to the student's account and are due and payable according to the payment deadlines for the term.

All authorizations must be delivered to the Business Office Accountant, Colleen Thiessen, for processing. For questions about how to submit authorizations and what information should be included, please review the Third Party Information Request Form. If the authorization does not include a release signed by the student, please include a FERPA release when submitting the form.

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