Billing timeline

The Washburn University Business Office typically assesses charges to student accounts between three and four weeks prior to the start of the term. Our office prepares only electronic billing statements (eBills) for most students and no paper bills are sent.

Electronic Bills

  • Electronic bills (called eBills) are generated through WU-View, the online payment system, and are sent to the student's Washburn email address.  If students add alternate email addresses and authorized users, the system will send eBills to the additional addresses.
  • Preliminary eBills are sent via Washburn email in early to mid-August for the Fall term and in early to mid-January for the Spring term, either just prior to or just after the release of financial aid.  These bills serve as a reminder to students to check account balances and follow up with any questions.  Because the preliminary eBills are sent early, exemptions, waivers, and third party payments may not be included.
  • Monthly eBills are sent via Washburn email during the last week of each month of the term to all students with an outstanding balance for the term, regardless of whether the student has enrolled in a payment plan.  The monthly eBills are also sent later in August and January in addition to the preliminary eBills mentioned above, and remind students to pay the balance or enroll in a payment plan by the payment deadline.
  • eBills are a snapshot of the balance on a student account as of the date they are prepared. Students are encouraged to log in to WU-View to review real-time, current account balances and see copies of all eBills.  
  • On-Demand Statements can be generated anytime by signing into WU-View. The on-demand statement may be useful for tuition reimbursement or proof of enrollment because it includes the term course schedule.
  • Students are encouraged to check their WU-View account under My Account / Account Activity (filter by date or see full account activity, then select the term) to view financial aid releases and any additional charges, such as books or supplies.
  • Due to the timing of the various sessions offered during the summer, Preliminary eBills are not sent during the summer term. Monthly eBills are sent near the end of each month and prior to the payment deadline.

Mailed notices

  • No paper statements are sent to Washburn or Washburn Tech students.  Paper statements are prepared and mailed only to Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP students) in September and February each year.  
  • Instead of paper statements, a Financial Obligation Letter is mailed to all Washburn and Washburn Tech enrolled students with a balance around the middle of August and the middle of January.  These letters serve as a reminder to students to that they are financially responsible for all charges for the term unless they withdraw from classes.
  • Students who wish to cancel enrollment for the semester must contact before the term begins or the student remains liable for charges.  Washburn Tech students must call 785-670-2010 to withdraw.
  • Due to the timing of the various sessions offered during the summer, Financial Obligation Letters are not mailed during the summer term.

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