Policies and things to know about financial aid refunds

Subsidized and unsubsidized loans are disbursed in one or two parts, depending on the borrower's student status. If you received more financial aid than what is owed to Washburn, the difference will be refunded.

It is possible for students who have received a refund to still owe a balance to the University. Changes in the student schedule, charges added after a refund was generated, or a balance from a prior aid year that cannot be paid from current funds (the maximum in federal aid that can apply to a prior aid year is $200) are all reasons a student may receive a refund but still have a balance and a hold on their account. In addition, some institutional charges (i.e., parking fines) cannot be paid from federal funds.

You can check your pending financial aid via the Financial Aid Information tab of MyWashburn or by contacting the Financial Aid Office.

  • The preferred form of financial aid refund payment is via direct deposit into your bank account. We encourage students to sign up early for direct deposit of financial aid refunds via WU-View. Typically direct deposit refunds reach the student account within a business day of processing the refund (not the disbursement of financial aid), but this is not a guarantee. In order for the refund to process as a direct deposit, the bank account must be set up and validated at least one week prior to the day the refund is processed. For accounts that are not yet validated, a paper check will be issued.
  • Financial aid refunds not paid via direct deposit are issued in the form of a paper check. Students must pick up their own refund checks within 7 to 10 days (Morgan 103-O) and present a valid photo ID. No checks will be released without valid ID.  Refund checks not picked up are mailed after 7 to 10 days.
  • Students can check their account in WU-View to see if a refund has processed.  Students who have set up direct deposit will be sent an automated message that the refund has processed.  Students who are issued a paper check are not notified.  Checks are printed twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) so students issued a paper check should make sure it is issued and available before coming to pick it up at the Cashier window.
  • For students without a bank account, refund checks can be cashed at any branch of a CoreFirst Bank in Topeka without paying a check cashing fee. Two forms of photo ID are required.  Information on CoreFirst branches is available here.
  • Upon request, the Business Office will mail student refund checks instead of holding them for pickup. Unclaimed refund checks will be mailed to the current address on file for the student.
  • Parent PLUS loan refund checks are mailed directly to the parent. Checks are issued using the address submitted with the Parent PLUS Loan application and any changes to that address must be handled by the Financial Aid Office. At the beginning of each semester, checks are mailed on the same day financial aid refund checks become available for students to pick up.  For the rest of the semester the checks are mailed once printed. Students are not allowed to pick up Parent PLUS Loan refund checks for a parent. In addition, the Business Office will not hold Parent Plus Loan refund checks for a parent to pick up.
  • Students and Parent PLUS loan refund checks are expected to be cashed within 90 days.  Uncashed student refund checks may be stopped and reissued or the funds returned to the appropriate Title IV program if still outstanding after 120 days. The University will first attempt to contact the student through their Washburn email address and then to a personal email address if one is available.  It is the responsibility of the student to monitor their Washburn email and keep all address information updated.

For information on borrowing wisely, contact Ichabods Money Management.

  • Initial refund dates for the term can be found under Important Dates on the Business Office home page.
  • Throughout most of each term, financial aid refunds will be processed on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. University holidays or closings may cause the normal refund days to be moved or eliminated without notice.
  • Direct deposit refunds are typically available the next business day but the Business Office cannot guarantee when the refund will be recorded by your bank or credit union. In order for the refund to process as a direct deposit, the direct deposit account must be set up and validated at least one week prior to the day the refund is processed. For accounts that are not yet validated, a paper check will be issued.
  • After refunds are processed, paper checks are available to pick up on the next Tuesday or Thursday (after 10:00 a.m.). Keep in mind that an indication on the account that a refund check is generated does not guarantee that it has been printed. In addition, check printing may be delayed because of holidays and mechanical or technical failures.
  • Paper checks will be mailed out within 10 days but may be mailed sooner depending on the award that generated the refund. If a student wants to pick up a check in person please call the Business Office (785-670-1156) to let us know by Thursday morning.
  • The Business Office reserves the right to refund excess financial aid to a credit card used to make a prepayment.
Title IV holds are applied when a student completely withdraws after receiving some form of Title IV funds during the term.  Title IV funds include federal loans, Pell grants, and SEOG.  A temporary charge is added to the student account (detail code TIVH) for an amount equal to the Title IV funds awarded in the term.  Once the Financial Aid Office has reviewed the awards to determine if any Title IV funds must be returned, the temporary charge is reversed and the account balance is updated.

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