Commencement Committee Charge

The purpose of this Committee is to provide advice and assistance to the Manager of Academic Scheduling and Commencement Services regarding all aspects of each commencement ceremony.

Committee Members 

  • Janet Schneider, Commencement Manager
  • Steven Luoma, VPAA's Office
  • Michelle Shipley, Assistant Dean - School of Applied Studies
  • Susie Hoffmann, WU Alumni Association
  • Eric Just, Director - Facilities Services
  • Leah Brown, Director Online Student Services - School of Nursing
  • Susan Maendele, Faculty - School of Nursing
  • Bobbe Mansfield, Faculty - School of Nursing
  • Jennifer Bixel, Administrative Secretary - School of Business
  • Michaela Saunders, Communications Coord & Asst to the VPAA
  • Shelby Grau, School of Law
  • Stephanie Lanning, University Registrar
  • Kathryn Stroebele, Director - Washburn Tech
  • Shayden Hanes, President - Washburn Student Government Association
  • Lori Hutchinson, Interim Director - Public Relations
  • Dale Rusche - Audio Visual
  • Josh Cannon - Live Streaming
  • Danielle Dempsey-Swopes, Director - University Diversity and Inclusion
  • Chris Enos, Chief - University Police
  • Gil Herrera, Facilities Services
  • Stephen Kline, Facilities Services
  • Rhonda Wedel, WU Bookstore
  • Lauren Edelman, Director - Mortar Board
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