BBA Degree with Emphasis General Business

The General Business major is a good program for students to declare who are early in their Business program, but are still unsure which area they might wish to specialize.  It is recommended that students eventually choose one of the other specialized areas in Business as it typically offers a more efficient path towards internships and/or employment opportunities.  However, for those students who may already be working with an employer, this program would certainly allow them the flexibility to build a customized program that could be a good fit with their current responsibilities and help lead them to desired promotions within their current careers.

The major in General Business allows you the flexibility to design a 24 hour upper-division program using courses from several or all major areas in the School of Business based on your own interests and needs.

Learning objectives for the General Business concentration:

  • Apply quantitative and qualitative analysis and critical thinking to business problems
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the application of ethical concepts to business issues
  • Apply technology to the solution of diverse business issues and problems
  • Explain the relationships among the functional areas of business
  • Explain the impact of diversity on organizations

Freshmen and students new to the School of Business should visit with Stacy Woltje initially for help in determining their degree track. Sophomores, juniors and seniors may choose a faculty member advisor.

Determining the correct catalog year is very important when using our advising literature.  Catalog years dictate the requirements of your degree program and can change from year to year.  These requirements will remain in force for up to seven years, or until the student decides to choose a newer catalog year.  Sometimes it makes sense for a student to choose a newer catalog, while other times it’s more advantageous to use the older catalog.  Regularly working with your advisor ensures you are following the right degree track.

For students who started at Washburn on or before Summer 2019: Use the 2018-2019 catalog (updated general education program – requiring 9 hours from each of the core distribution areas of Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences)

For students who start at Washburn in Fall 2019-Summer 2020: Use the 2019-2020 catalog (additional writing elective added within the Humanities requirement)

For students who start at Washburn in Fall 2020-Summer 2021: Use the 2020-2021 catalog (additional course in BU248 Data Analytics added to Business Core requirements)


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